Meet the Founder


Alec Lambert is not afraid of trying something new and is always challenging what is deemed “impossible”. This avid entrepreneur is passionate about innovation and committed to maintaining high standards. Learn more about this dynamic thought-leader and his secret to success.

“To get the business off the ground I knew we needed to build the first auction house, so that’s what we did.”

Q. What inspired you to get into the real estate auction business?
The first auction we did was a charity driven initiative. Although the reserve on the house was not met, it was clear that the concept of luxury home auctions was sound. To get the business off the ground, I knew I would need to build the first auction house, so that’s what I did. After an eighty-five day campaign, Nautica Vista sold for $4.7 million, which in 2013, was the highest price a luxury home had ever been sold at auction in Canada.


Q. What would you say are Lambert & Co.™’s biggest accomplishments?
Lambert Premier Auctions has successfully auctioned three other luxury properties, most recently breaking the record for highest live auction sale of residential real estate in Canada. With the help of our partners, we have also generated over $1,000,000 for local non-profit organizations. We are driven by the incredible opportunity to create a world-class experience for both buyers and sellers as well as having a measurable impact on the community.


Q. What is your favourite way to celebrate success?
There is nothing like the fall of the gavel to really get the party started. A champagne toast between happy buyers, sellers, and agents is what we look forward to all campaign long. Once all the ink is dry and the dust has settled, a little tequila and a whole lot of dancing is how we like to celebrate our timely success.

Meet the Team

Lambert Premier Auctions is comprised of a team of interdisciplinary specialists ranging from event organizers, stagers, photographers, and market analysts to branding, PR, marketing and lead conversion experts.

Discover what’s possible with a collaborative team of industry leaders all unified behind a single goal: raising the bar.

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Like any forward-thinking company, Lambert Premier Auctions is always on the lookout for top talent.