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Our success has been built on industry-leading analytics combined with world-class sales and marketing campaigns. Using customizable auction models, we provide you with full transparency and control over the selling process.


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Our experienced team creates worldwide exposure and competition for your home that attracts top qualified buyers and drives prices up, delivering the service and results expected then selling a luxury asset.

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Some of the finest assets are sold through auctions around the world. We believe luxury homes are no different.


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Auction Models

At Lambert Premier Auctions, we believe in giving control back to you.
Our sellers regain control by endorsing the best strategies to sell their consigned assets.

Timed Auction

Online timed auctions offer a convenience factor by giving pre-qualified bidders the ability to bid anytime from anywhere. Designed to attract a large competing audience generating maximum value for your home, this open platform guarantees unconditional cash offers while giving the option to refuse a final bid that does not meet expectations.

Live Auction

The electric atmosphere of a live auction drives competitive enthusiasm among bidders, resulting in higher bids. Combined with our online platform, we maximize the reach and value of your home, allowing pre-qualified bidders to participate remotely or in person.

Portfolio Auction

Featuring a strategic collection of complementary luxury assets culminating in a live auction, this one-of-a-kind event leverages Lambert Premier Auction’s full range of services. From charity events to on-site home experience, it is a truly unique and memorable opportunity that attracts the attention of every qualified buyer in the market while generating extensive PR coverage for your home.

Quintessential Services

Each auction model comes with our standard pillar services that will differentiate your property designed to create market demand for your home and provide an unparalleled buyer’s experience

Asset Disclosure Package

Due diligence is one of the most critical parts of any real estate transaction. Designed to give buyers the confidence they need to make an informed decision, our comprehensive Asset Disclosure Package covers all relevant information about your property such as home condition, annual operating costs, inventory report, and more.

Property Sales Manager

Whether remote or on-site, the Property Sales Manager oversees the whole campaign process, coordinating with realtors, arranging viewings, managing inquiries, registering bidders and reporting to the seller.

Premium Marketing

Lambert Premier Auction’s holistic approach to marketing is rooted in deep research, market analysis, and strategy. We create a story around your property’s unique characteristics and then promote it to a targeted audience across multiple marketing channels.

Field Salesperson

The Salesperson is an ambassador of the auction. He supports the Property Sales Manager’s actions, promoting the home at selected third-party events and converting leads into live-viewings, ultimately bringing qualified bidders ready to compete for your home.

Elite A la Carte Options

The versatility of our platform allows us to customize each auction sale to suit the unique needs of the market. This will ensure consigned assets never sell below the anticipated value.

Private Events

Our private events welcome prospective bidders and High Net Worth Individuals on-site to experience your asset in an environment designed to impress while raising awareness and creating buzz.

Asset Showcasing

Our world-class cinematography and photography productions showcase the lifestyle opportunities your asset inspires and creates emotional connections with our buyer group.

Asset Optimization

Designed to highlight the future potential of your home, the Asset Optimization Bundle can be added to the Asset Disclosure Package. A wide range of services are available including 3D modeling, optimized floor plans, staging, and renderings; creating maximum value to the home.

Enhanced Home Experience

Luxury properties are staffed with a private chef and hostess to give an unprecedented opportunity to appreciate what owning and living in the home truly entails. This unique experience is proven to create an emotional attachment to the home, reinforcing the desire for ownership.

Marketing Customization

Our proactive team’s resources allow you to customize your marketing campaign even further to reach a larger audience and give your home more attention.


Pick a charity that is close to your heart! This component is a key differentiator that presents a unique opportunity to give back while generating extensive press coverage and targeted traffic to the property. Charity events bring corporate sponsors and High Net Worth individuals together, giving your home significant additional exposure in the marketplace.


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