lambert and co interior design trends

Beautiful Spaces for Luxury Lifestyles: Interior Design Trends for 2019

lambert and co interior design trends

14 Jan Beautiful Spaces for Luxury Lifestyles: Interior Design Trends for 2019

The interior design process is more than paint selection and furniture; at its core, it is about creating spaces that engage with and inspire the people that use them. For home designers, this means working closely with architects and builders to ensure that every wall, window, appliance and light fixture contributes to the homeowner’s experience of each room, as well as the aesthetic and function of the home overall.

Good design examines human behavior and how we interact with objects and spaces, reimagining these elements in ways that enrich our daily lives.

Canadian Design in Global Markets

The 2019 Interior Design Show (IDS) in Toronto is an annual celebration of design and its ability to enhance our lives by creating beautiful, functional and sustainable spaces. It’s an opportunity for designers, architects, innovators and design aficionados to see first-hand the latest building concepts, style trends and innovations from Canadian and International design leaders.

In recent years, Canada has earned its place among international leaders for excellence in design and architectural innovation. While the accolades may seem long overdue, this is an exciting time for Canadian interior designers whose unique approach to multicultural, environmental and sustainable practices have gained the attention of global markets.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to guide your home renovation, or you simply appreciate good design, here are a few interior design trends to look for in 2019.  

Reconnecting with Nature:

Tech-driven innovation dominated last year’s interior design trends, but burnout caused by a hyperconnected and increasingly fast-paced world has inspired designers to go back to basics.

The push to incorporate natural elements and sustainable materials in design stems from a growing global awareness of the interplay between people and the environment. From stripped timber ceilings, to organic textiles and lush living decor, elements that bring nature indoors are part of a larger aesthetic movement that has been proven to enhance both physical and psychological well-being.

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Textures & Tactility:

Interior trends for 2019 are moving away from smooth, industrial surfaces in favor of deep, layered textures and luxurious textiles. While texture can often be overlooked when considering the visual impact of a home, designers are now emphasizing tactile materiality as a key aspect of an interior’s visual appeal.

Layering textures adds a dynamic sense of depth and warmth, and elevates the feeling of luxury in interior spaces.    

  • Embossed and grasscloth wallpapers
  • Velvet textiles
  • Matte and lacquered finishes
  • Plush area rugs
lambert and co interior design texture trends

Prioritizing Joy:

“There are no rules. So many people try to follow a ‘rule guide’ but design should reflect your personality. Have fun and remain timeless.” — Robyn Brettel, Harrison Fae Design

One of the most exciting (and liberating) design trends emerging in 2019 is really more of a lifestyle mantra: surround yourself with objects and spaces that spark joy.

If the explosive popularity of the KonMari method is any indication, people are becoming increasingly invested in reclaiming their homes as spaces that promote happiness and play. Whether it’s designing a blissful bathroom oasis, choosing living room furniture, or redecorating everything from ceilings to floors, 2019’s interiors will be defined by personalized design choices that promote happiness and inspire joy.

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