Castle's luxury backyard shrubs

24 May Inspired by the Past: Antique Homes Converted to Luxury Homes

Luxury living isn’t restricted to new or custom builds. Whether it's a long-standing house, penthouse or a European castle, luxury living has ample possibilities. Antique buildings can offer elegance and inherent charm that new builds can't always achieve. When upgrading a traditional home or castle into...

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15 May Luxury Real Estate’s Tech Renaissance: AI In the Home

Luxury homes are taking it one step further with smart technology. No longer limited to mobile phones or vehicles, new technology is moving into luxury homes. SMART technology stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. In other words, smart technology is self-regulating and can function on...

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luxury homes combining with nature lambert & co

24 Apr Living Luxuriously with Nature

Sometimes, the best inspiration for luxury design comes from the outdoors. As spring approaches and the days get longer, now is the perfect time to explore the surprising compatibility between nature and luxury. Whether it’s incorporating natural materials like wood and stone in the interior...

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luxury backyard patios landscaped design

09 Apr No Limits on Luxury: Backyard Trends for 2019

Luxury design isn’t limited to interior design, and with summer anticipation growing, so is our desire to spend more time outside. Many luxury homes include incredible locations and stunning views, offering a great incentive to create the perfect outdoor oasis. While backyards don’t always receive...

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Lambert & Co sustainable luxury green homes

29 Mar Innovation in Green Building for Luxury Homes

Sustainable living isn’t  a new concept, but the way that we achieve sustainability is evolving. As World Water Day and Earth Hour  approach, we’re focusing  on energy-efficient luxury homes. The real estate market is changing rapidly thanks to innovative new ideas and technology. As a result,...

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technology in the luxury real estate market

14 Mar Luxury Real Estate’s Tech Renaissance

Historically, the real estate industry has been slow to join the world of disruptive technology, with many companies adopting a “wait and see” approach. While other industries have been embracing change for several years now, real estate has only just begun to shift towards more...

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