Get to Know Us


What makes the Lambert Premier Auctions experience unique is our commitment to the continued refinement of the auction process. This innovative approach is what ensures we can meet the needs of every seller, buyer, and marketplace. In short, we believe in creating a better way.


We know to build a great team, and help that team deliver great work we need a great culture. We endeavor to attract people who will thrive in our organization and are deliberate and thoughtful about recruiting for a cultural fit first and skills/qualifications fit second.


  • We are creative, innovative, and comfortable with change
  • We create possibilities where none are seen
  • We engage in conversations that matter
  • We go above and beyond


We measure our success by the way we live up to our core values:


  • We have integrity
  • We are authentic
  • We strive to learn        
  • We put relationships first

Meet the Team

The people here at Lambert Premier Auctions are revolutionizing the real estate industry. It’s the commitment of those people and their ideas that inspires the innovation that shows up in everything we do, from amazing guest experiences to industry-leading marketing.


Like any forward-thinking company, Lambert & Co.™ is always on the lookout for top talent.