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Castanet – Live Unreserved Auction

Harvest Ridge Luxury Orchard Estate
Live auction September 22, 2016.
No minimum. No reserve.


The Home

Set on a 35-acre estate, Harvest Ridge is the very definition of luxury. A gated entry opens to a long stretch of driveway, which leads to a cascading water feature at the main entrance of this stunning 5,500 square foot contemporary home. Once inside, the floor-to-ceiling windows allow the orchard and lake views to take centre stage. Nestled in the middle of East Kelowna’s rolling hills, Harvest Ridge is a one-of-a-kind property that holds the perfect balance between opulent, modern architecture and a sun-soaked orchard oasis.

Quiet seclusion and easy access to downtown Kelowna make this private gem an incredible real estate opportunity. Stunning 360 degree views of the orchards, lake, and city combined with the quiet and peaceful nature of farm living makes Harvest Ridge feel like both an escape and a refuge.

Harvest Ridge provides all the amenities that would be expected from a luxury home. This 5 bedroom and 5 bathroom oasis comes complete with an oversized 4-car garage, outdoor pool, tennis court, infrared sauna, billiard room, nanny suite, and a temperature controlled wine cellar.




The Orchard

The orchard bloom at Harvest Ridge is nothing short of breathtaking. The sun soaked hills of East Kelowna, coupled with blooming trees make for the kind of flourishing conditions that Okanagan dreams are made of. That being said, the making of this luxury orchard estate did not happen overnight – this stunning piece of property was a carefully planned and meticulously cared for labour of love that has been over 12 years in the making.

The orchard that covers the estate’s grounds is cared for with vigour, love, and attention. The forty-year-old pear trees at the front of the house wrap around the side to meet beautifully kept Ambrosia, Gala, and Golden Delicious apple trees. Of the eight different types of cherry trees on the property, it is the ruby red Tieton cherries that are the family favourite. This luxury orchard estate offers a bounty of fruit and beautiful vistas — a testament to the climate and terroir.


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