Come for the Auction, Stay for the Party

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

It’s almost time to drink champagne and dance on the tables. In just 6 days, Harvest Ridge Luxury Orchard Estate will be be sold in an unreserved, live auction. This stunning contemporary home and 35 acre orchard estate, located in East Kelowna, will also play host to a Gatsby-inspired party to celebrate the sale. The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House invites you to come for the auction, and stay for the party.


Tour the Estate

The extensive use of glass gives this modern architectural masterpiece a true sense of fluidity between the luxurious interior and the rolling orchard that surrounds it. An outdoor pool, tennis court, and adjoining Harvest Golf Course make it easy to get outside and play. Quiet seclusion and easy access to downtown Kelowna make this private gem a one-of-a-kind real-estate opportunity.


Meet the Auctioneer

Auctioneer Danny Hooper knew at an early age that his passion was in the entertainment world. In the decades since, he has parlayed his unique personality and off-beat sense of humour into an award-winning career and thousands of on-stage performances as a recording artist, motivational speaker, comedic emcee, and celebrity benefit auctioneer. Danny will be setting the pace for us this coming Thursday at Harvest Ridge Luxury Orchard Estate.


Get the Party Details

Joy Road Catering has a cuisine-du-terroir philosophy and that means the food they make has a strong sense of place. Cam and Dana are champions of local who proudly showcase the wealth of delicious food and wine options available in the Okanagan valley by creating unique dining experiences that feature premium seasonal ingredients.


Mint Julep Creative Events treats guests to designer drinks served from their vintage, 1975 Boler. This lovingly restored, travelling bar is fully stocked with premium spirits and charming barkeeps who will shake, stir, and serve locally inspired cocktails.


Okanagan Spirits world-class liquors are made just a tractor-ride away from the orchards and fields where the base ingredients were grown. BC’s original harvest-to-flask distillery now offers a selection of more than 25 internationally awarded spirits ranging from BC’s first Single Malt Whisky to Gins, Vodkas, Liqueurs, and Fruit Brandies. 


Hotel Eldorado is a 52 room boutique hotel, with private marina, situated on beautiful Okanagan Lake. The Eldorado has been part of BC’s destination hotel resort experience since 1926 and has always been a story of unique hospitality, social events, and a welcome that knows no borders. The Eldorado lot item includes a one night stay in a luxury suite, breakfast for two and a boat rental. The Good-To-Get-Away package will go to the highest bidder and 100% of the proceeds will go to The Children’s Wish. 


August Luxury Motorcars is a premier retailer of pre-owned luxury and exotic vehicles. Their dedicated sales staff and top-trained technicians make the car shopping experience fun, easy, and financially advantageous. August Motors recently launched August Exotic Car Tours & Rentals. This service is an incredible way to experience the Okanagan Valley behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari F430, Aston Martin Vantage Spyder, and an Audi R8. The August Motors lot item includes a full day tour experience including 4 exotic cars and lunch on the terrace at a South Okanagan winery. The Ticket-To-Ride package will go to the highest bidder and 100% of the proceeds will go to The Children’s Wish.


Make a Wish Come True

The Garage Sale is proud to be partnering with The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada for the upcoming auction of Harvest Ridge Luxury Orchard Estate. Attendance will be by minimum $250 donation and one hundred percent of all donations and proceeds from the event and corresponding charity auction will be donated to Children’s Wish.

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