Lambert & Co sustainable luxury green homes

Innovation in Green Building for Luxury Homes

Lambert & Co sustainable luxury green homes

29 Mar Innovation in Green Building for Luxury Homes

Sustainable living isn’t  a new concept, but the way that we achieve sustainability is evolving. As World Water Day and Earth Hour  approach, we’re focusing  on energy-efficient luxury homes.

The real estate market is changing rapidly thanks to innovative new ideas and technology. As a result, the perfect combination of elegance, utility, and sustainability is emerging with the trend of green building for luxury homes.

Net zero energy homes used to mean small, simple homes designed for minimalist living. That, however, is no longer the case. Many luxury homes are now moving towards energy-efficient technology,  not only in the construction of the house, but in its final design as well. Some features can include rooftop solar panels, electric car charging stations, and rainwater retention systems – perfect for Western Canada.

luxury green house with water retention system
Water collection tanks at Caterpillar House, California.

Net zero homes use on or off-site renewable energy sources to power the house. A net zero energy home is able to generate as much energy as it uses within a year, reducing its environmental impact while being self-sustainable.

While green building is highly valued, so is the actual appearance and function of a house. Energy-efficient homes are no longer limited to repurposed shipping containers, but can resemble any other luxury home. Revolutionary ecotechnology means that sustainability is no longer incompatible with a luxurious lifestyle.  

An energy-efficient house is more than a conversation piece; it promotes an innovative lifestyle that the owners can feel good about. While the house powers itself, it simultaneously empowers the owners to live sustainably without forgoing any desired amenities.

solar panels on luxury sustainable house
Solar panels in Newberg, Oregon luxury home

Featured image: Dwell