Introducing Lambert & Co.

Introducing Lambert Premier Auctions

Introducing Lambert & Co.

Introducing Lambert Premier Auctions

As some of you might have noticed, we’re sporting a new name and have moved our headquarters from Kelowna to Vancouver’s Coal Harbour. It’s an exciting era for our company — our steady growth throughout Western Canada has brought new clients, strong partnerships, and has allowed us to expand our focus to new markets.

These recent changes mark a significant milestone in our journey, providing us the opportunity to reflect on everything that The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House stood for, and everything we aspire to become as we continue forward as Lambert Premier Auctions.

Our Journey Thus Far

Lambert Premier Auctions has always believed that our commitment to quality, character, and charitable giving are the principles around which our entire brand philosophy should pivot. It’s these pillars, paired with a vigorous process and careful vetting, that have allowed us to maintain a perfect record without a single cancellation; something unheard of in this business.

Our journey began with a vision to create a new way of selling luxury assets — one based on transparency and integrity; that empower both bidders and sellers to capture the most value possible for their investment. Today, we help our clients by creating market demand and excitement around their assets, resulting in significantly reduced listing times and higher sale prices than typically seen with a traditional home selling approach.

Why the rename?

In short, we’re returning to our roots. Our growth has highlighted the demand for honest, highly selective auction houses that prioritize quality over quantity. Our new name signifies just that; Lambert Premier Auctions is a boutique auction house that’s laser-focused on building a portfolio of successful auctions.

What’s in Vancouver?

Vancouver is a city that’s constantly evolving and improving. The people here are hungry for excellence and expect the best. This, and its reputation as a city that thrives on innovation and change make it a natural fit.

And, while luxury home auctions aren’t necessarily new to Vancouver, we believe our strategic and divergent approach to market generation will be a game changer on the west coast.

Some Things Won’t Change

Behind the new name and HQ we’re still the same company, dedicated to connecting qualified bidders to Western Canada’s most beautiful assets through transparent, charity-driven auctions. Finally, we’d like to say a huge thank you to the courageous clients, partners and charities who have taken bold steps to prove there’s a better way to sell luxury assets. We can’t wait to build on the success we’ve achieved to-date and to continue making positive change in this growing industry.

Interested in learning more about luxury home and asset auctions? Please don’t hesitate to call me at +1 604 806 4422.


Alec Lambert – Managing Partner 

Lambert Premier Auctions