Vancouver Cityscape

Lambert Premier Auctions Presents: The Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Auction

Vancouver Cityscape

Lambert Premier Auctions Presents: The Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Auction


Be it a high-octane homage to the heydays of American Muscle trundling across the stage of a Barrett-Jackson event, or a sterling masterpiece of postwar abstract expressionism mutely observing the rhythmic drone of a Christie’s auctioneer, recent years have seen the consignments of high-value luxury items achieve tremendous success through the auction format. 

But while luxury goods and services have become high-end auction house fixtures, luxury properties largely remain entwined with traditional real estate channels, and therein lies the unrealized value. The very same dynamics which work to drive up the price of a vehicle or painting can readily be applied to a property, yielding greater excitement, awareness, and – most importantly of all – a higher selling price.

Where a typical real estate listing can easily become lost in the mire of a sales directory, the auctioning of a luxury property is an event; it is a spectacle that demands attention and drives interest by the virtue of its competitive nature. And the impact of that excitement is certainly quantifiable – a luxury home auction can achieve up to 40 times more traffic than a comparable one placed on a multiple listing service. 

Vancouver Cityscape


In the waning summer days, the city of Vancouver will play host to a series of ground-breaking luxury real estate auctions: The Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Auction (VLRA). Organized by Lambert Premier Auctions and held in partnership with the Luxury Alliance Group and a host of prominent local contributors, these showpiece series will feature the live auctioning of up to 10 remarkable, hand-selected properties from across key neighbourhoods in the Lower Mainland.

Bringing the drama and tension of the auction experience online, the VLRA will feature a 4 to 5-day online bidding period culminating in a live-streamed auction. Fully supported by our lead development team, the bidding process will be entirely transparent, creating a competitive and high-stakes atmosphere for bidders as they participate from around the world.

As organizers of the Hublot Diamond Rally, Luxury & Supercar Weekend, Global Spirits Festival and a number of Canada’s most exclusive high-end events, Luxury Alliance Group is an invaluable partner to Lambert Premier Auctions’ VLRA event. Our partnership is a union founded upon mutual luxury expertise. It affords the VLRA with access to internationally-distinguished brand partners and provides a direct connection to a segment of the world’s most discerning and affluent individuals.

But even as we welcome the involvement of sponsors and charities from the surrounding communities, make no mistake – the VLRA is a world-class event with a distinctly local flavour. Each property in our auction will be uniquely branded and circulated, receiving immense global exposure from Singapore to Dubai, and everywhere in between. Be it from media outlets, brand partners, or potential bidders, there will be substantial local and international interest, and the VLRA will deliver an extraordinary auction experience that reaffirms Vancouver’s stellar global status.


At Lambert Premier Auctions, it is a distinct point of pride that we have never failed to auction off a consigned property, and that we are the only auction house to achieve success in British Columbia’s formidable housing market. Partnering with us is about more than simply pursuing an unconventional sales platform – it represents the optimal choice for realizing the maximal sale value of your property in a fixed timeframe.

The basis for our unparalleled results is simple: in contrast to competing auction houses who apply a rigid, uninspired approach to marketing their consignments, Lambert Premier Auctions pushes the boundaries of bespoke property marketing. We recognize that each property is not merely a structure resting atop a section of land, but a way of life awaiting realization. Zen-like waterfront tranquility; carefree escapism amidst rolling hills; through meticulous branding, we imbue every property with a richly unique identity that captures the imagination. 

With a curated network of local and international contacts, in-house regional expertise, and analytics-guided targeting strategies, our marketing eschews the scattershot approach that so many others employ in favour of intimate, distinctively-branded campaigns that draw the interest of legitimate bidders. Potential buyers will have access to not only online virtual walkthroughs of a home, but also live streamed, concierge-guided viewings, allowing the home to be fully examined to the viewer’s satisfaction. 

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The VLRA represents an unmistakable opportunity for British Columbia’s luxury home sellers to participate in a boutique international event. Propelled to global prominence through our customized end-to-end campaigns, and fully supported through a comprehensive array of marketing channels, each consignment is given the highest likelihood of reaching – and surpassing – its reserve price. 

With this sensational global event, Lambert Premier Auctions is continuing to revolutionize established paradigms in luxury property sales. As a buyer, seller, or agent, join us online for The VLRA this Summer/Fall and be a part of a historic turning point in real estate auction history.