Luxury Real Estate’s Tech Renaissance: AI In the Home

Luxury Real Estate’s Tech Renaissance: AI In the Home

Luxury homes are taking it one step further with smart technology. No longer limited to mobile phones or vehicles, new technology is moving into luxury homes.

SMART technology stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. In other words, smart technology is self-regulating and can function on its own and sometimes, without the help of human interaction. From Siri to Alexa, there’s no longer one designated person in charge of completing household tasks thanks to these Artificial Intelligence (AI) devices who help schedule events, set reminders, play music, and search the web, among other tasks.

Though most associate AI and smart technology with devices like Google Home and the Amazon Echo, innovative technology has evolved to create useful and intelligent luxury amenities. Here’s a look at some of the most exciting and innovative smart designs to add to your luxury home.

Smart Kitchens

Although it resembles the toaster oven, June – The Intelligent Oven is much more than that. This countertop oven can cooking and bake food to precision, all without instructions. The June uses a built-in camera and scale to determine the exact cook temperature and time that an item needs. Its sleek, modern look means that it fits seamlessly into most kitchen designs.

Countertop smart oven that intuitively knows how to cook different meals.

While some people may find peace in the kitchen, it can be the opposite for others. When life gets busy and suddenly, it’s time for dinner, the Moley Kitchen Robot steps in to prepare a meal. Although it’s still in pre-sale, this robot will soon be like bringing a man-made master chef into the home to cook an incredible meal without any human input aside from the meal selection.  

Futuristic kitchen robot that can emulate any recipe from a designated cookbook.

Safety Features

Stay connected with your home, even when you’re away. Kuna, the Smart Outdoor Security Light, blends seamlessly with the exterior of luxury homes. Kuna detects visitors at the door when the house is empty and automatically sends an alert to your phone. The light also features a camera, so along with the alert, you’ll be able to see who’s there. The app on your phone allows you to set off the alarm, alert the police, or speak directly with the intruder.

Outdoor smart light, equipped with a camera and speaker.

Luxury Amenities

Start your day on a positive, healthy note with help from the Mango Mirror Smart Mirror. This mirror may look like any other, but its smart technology means it can display health information, like fitness goals, daily nutrition, reminders, your sleep schedule, and daily inspirational quotes. As you approach the mirror, the information appears, disappearing once you move away. The Mango pulls data from your FitBit or Apple Health, and is a sleek, accessible way to stay on top of your fitness and health goals.

The Sobro Smart Coffee Table combines utility with aesthetic,providing you with more than just a space to rest your magazines. This coffee table offers great features to make your movie nights or game days better than ever. Complete with a refrigerator drawer to chill beverages, the table also uses Bluetooth to connect to the TV, and features LED lights that you can customize to set the mood for any occasion.

Smart coffee table with pull-out fridge.

Fans of both innovative technology and thoughtful design can enjoy the benefits of these smart amenities. Not only are these devices helpful, but their sophisticated and clean designs are well suited for any luxury home.