Lambert Premier Auctions was created to overcome the biggest challenges in the luxury real estate market. 


Through our luxury real estate auctions, we drive new opportunities for buyers, sellers, and agents while building the most efficient model in the industry. 


Luxury homes and properties standout through our refined process of strategic marketing, high production documentation, sound diligence and experience-based auctions. We achieve sales in a fixed time frame while earning the best possible value for our clients. Our method redefines the auction industry by providing new instruments for luxury real estate sales.

Auctions are one of the oldest, most reliable forms of transaction, which is why we’ve used them to sell assets since 2013. Along the way, we’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity with our network of like-minded collaborators.

Press Releases

  • Auctions date back as far as 500 B.C., and they remain prevalent today. Whether it’s for art, real estate, or antiques, a live auction always accelerates sales. Lambert Premier Auctions uses this proven method to secure luxury home sales while adding a unique spin to......

  • Solaris is a luxury home that sits on a 1.1 acre parcel of premier lakefront property in Lake Country, BC.  On June 6, 2019, Lambert Premier Auctions announced via press release the live, unreserved auction of Solaris on July 18, 2019. As our sixth live......

  • As some of you might have noticed, we’re sporting a new name and have moved our headquarters from Kelowna to Vancouver’s Coal Harbour. It’s an exciting era for our company — our steady growth throughout Western Canada has brought new clients, strong partnerships, and has......

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Lambert Premier Auctions Benefits


We provide industry-leading commissions for all buying agents and brokers on all auctions. The Lambert Premier Auctions platform provides protection for agents in all key areas of the sale, and we only work with motivated sellers ready to move their assets.


Our partner financial institution provides loans to potential buyers based on the institution’s appraisal of the property. All qualified bidders are eligible to apply for auction financing.


Provided to the winning bidder, the owner’s manual is a comprehensive guide to owning the acquired asset. The manual includes information and guides to all appliances, electronics, and mechanical operations, as well as paint codes, building specifications, supplier lists, instruction manuals, key community services, emergency contacts, and much more.


Our service continues even after the gravel falls. Our thirty-day closing support program guides our sellers through every step of the transaction process, which includes working with sellers and their representatives as needed to finalize the sale. Lambert Premier Auctions sellers and buyers become part of an exclusive group of VIP clients. Post-sale, we continue to offer support and assistance with all elements of our sellers’ experiences.


We achieve unconditional sales through our world-class evaluation and certification processes. Our auction documentation ensures that any asset sold at auction will be complete within thirty days. We pride ourselves on our reputation and the certainty we provide to our stakeholders. Unconditional sales are foundational to our transparent auction process.


Lambert Premier Auctions Platinum Membership is offered exclusively to qualified clientele. Membership grants access to our Live-In Viewings, pre-registration for all auctions and luxury events, early alerts, remote bidding opportunities and more. Registration documentation is updated annually.


Lambert Premier Auctions buyer’s become part of an exclusive group of VIP clients. We continue to offer support and assistance with all elements of the buying experience post-sale. We connect you with extensive local expertise for all of your needs, whether it’s finding the best veterinarian, tracking down a supplier, or hiring a property manager, among many others.

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