In the Modern Kitchen, what is Luxury?

In the Modern Kitchen, what is Luxury?

Making Meals and Memories

Where it was once a discreet utilitarian space, the contemporary kitchen has evolved to become the warm, vivacious heart of a home. More than simply the site of meal preparation and consumption, the modern kitchen embodies the duality of form and function. It is a place that nostalgically hearkens back to memories of family and childhood, just as it invites congregation and the forging of new ties. Emotional evocations aside, however, the kitchen is equally expected to be the multipurpose room of the modern household, readily switching between the roles of cafeteria, office, classroom, and lounge. In doing so, it is a space that must be versatile, and that is often where compromises and trade-offs arise between a typical kitchen’s visual appeal and its practical usability.


A true luxury kitchen is far from typical – it delivers seamless functionality in conjunction with visual impact, featuring well-coordinated décor and the consistent use of materials and finishes. From elegant waterfall countertops to custom solid wood cabinetry, every minute detail is considered in the pursuit of a flawless ambiance that is as suitable for a tranquil morning breakfast as it is a raucous evening soiree.

As a multi-use space, a kitchen’s lighting must be flexible. Task lighting, for instance, is essential in maintaining a well-lit area for food preparation; comparatively, hanging lights create a well-lit dining area and allow culinary masterpieces to glisten and gleam while guests look on with delightful anticipation. But lighting considerations extend beyond the functional – whether it is in the form of a patinated brass chandelier with frosted glass shades, or a procession of Edison-style bulbs held aloft in brushed nickel pendants, the physical implements of a kitchen’s lighting equally lend to its visual identity, creating emotion and atmosphere while highlighting the most prominent features of the room.


While aesthetics may be a matter of taste, the hallmarks of genuine luxury – durability, ergonomics, and intuitive simplicity – are not. Versatile professional-grade appliances confer precise culinary control, while subtle nuances like soft-close hinges and discreet under-cabinet lighting ensure that late-night gastronomic forays remain covert. For those who work with an expansive array of ingredients, a walk-in pantry is a tremendous boon, providing ample space for not only preserved goods and spices, but for tableware and specialized appliances as well.

Recent years have seen smart technology spearhead a kitchen renaissance. From ovens that provide remote monitoring and voice control to espresso machines that are baristas in all but name, there is a growing understanding that the appeal of smart appliances does not lie in the wanton addition of screens and wireless connections; rather, it arises from their ability to provide functionality that makes the kitchen more useful, safe and convenient – in other words, more livable.

Ergonomic technologies, too, are transforming adequately functional spaces into ones that are a joy to use. Innovations like pull-down cabinet systems eliminate accessibility inconveniences, while height-adjustable countertops allow every kitchen user to work without fatigue. These are precisely the sort of comforts that embody the essence of what luxury should be – form and function without compromise.


As the architects and stewards of an exclusive auction process, Lambert Premier Auctions is intimately familiar with the expectations of the luxury market. Prospective buyers have often asserted that the kitchen is an area of paramount importance to them, and we have brought that knowledge to bear in our market development and asset optimization initiatives. But we do not expect buyers to merely envision a home’s kitchen at its finest – we allow them to experience it.

Presided over by our private chef and hostess, our Live-In Viewings are tailored to showcase the very best that a home’s kitchen has to offer. These experiences immerse select buyers in the home environment and instill them with a deep understanding of the kitchen’s culinary and entertainment potential. It is here that prospective buyers cultivate an appreciation for the most important room in the home, creating a catalyst of memories and emotions which – once bidding commences – transforms moderate interest into nothing short of resolute determination.

With over a decade of experience in the luxury real estate industry, Lambert Premier Auctions’ team is equipped with the knowledge to successfully navigate the industry. If you would like to discuss working with Lambert Premier Auctions in any capacity, send the team a note! 

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