luxury backyard patios landscaped design

No Limits on Luxury: Backyard Trends for 2019

luxury backyard patios landscaped design

No Limits on Luxury: Backyard Trends for 2019

Luxury design isn’t limited to interior design, and with summer anticipation growing, so is our desire to spend more time outside. Many luxury homes include incredible locations and stunning views, offering a great incentive to create the perfect outdoor oasis. While backyards don’t always receive as much design attention as a home’s interior, a beautifully landscaped and sophisticated design can make all the difference.

Western Canada’s temperate climate provides ample opportunities for outdoor dining, swimming, and relaxation. Thanks to innovations in materials, there are now more options than ever when it comes to furniture that’s compatible with the outdoors. Here’s a look at luxury properties that are following some of 2019’s outdoor design trends.

Mixed Materials

Concrete designs, brass, and wood are all well-suited for the outdoors and add striking style. Whether they’re in contrast with each other or the backdrop of nature, mixed materials can add depth to outdoor spaces. Wood paneled walls offer privacy and provide a neutral backdrop for lighter furniture.

Patio Swings

There isn’t much that comes close to the feeling of swaying in a hammock on a warm summer evening, but a comfortable patio swing takes it one step further. Patio swings have a cleaner design and can feel more luxurious than a hammock. They offer more structured support and soft cushions, while still maintaining an effortless aesthetic.

luxury backyard patio swings
Luxurious Patio Swing, Image Credit

Decorative Tiles

Straying from the usual backyard décor, patterned decorative tiles are on trend this summer. Whether they’re used to lighten up the patio flooring or as a backsplash to an outdoor bar, these tiles add a unique flavour to any outdoor space.

Flower-Lined Paths

Add definition to a sprawling lawn with a plant or flower-lined pathway. Rather than a cement sidewalk, this alternative is simple yet creative and adds a splash of colour. Bonus: lavender will keep your yard smelling fresh!

Establishing a steady flow of luxury design from inside to outside is on trend for this year. A beautiful, comfortable outdoor space can extend your property and offer extra space for dining, entertaining, or relaxing.