How to Stand Out and Get Results.

If you’ve done your homework, you know that an auction sale is the most effective way to sell your luxury home within a fixed time frame and still maximize the value of your asset. The fact is, over $1 billion in luxury real estate auction sales have taken place since 2008—the secret is out. The important thing to remember when consigning a home to auction is that diligence and messaging are key as differentiating your asset in this increasingly growing and changing marketplace can be a serious challenge.The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House works with owners and Realtors to create an intensive sales and marketing strategy that will successfully support the auction of your luxury homes by generating qualified bidders from around the world. We take pride in the certainty that we engage only serious, qualified buyers through targeted sales and marketing campaigns. All of our potential buyers are fully qualified prior to registration. This qualification process includes client identification, financial verification, and a certified bank deposit. We facilitate unconditional sales and streamline every detail of the transaction during your closing period.

The versatility of our platform allows us to customize each auction sale to suit your unique needs but the secret to our success lies in our ability to evaluate, strategize, execute, and successfully sell your asset within a fixed timeframe.