Wishes Do Come True.

The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada works with communities across the country to provide children with life-threatening illnesses the opportunity to realize their most heartfelt wish. By creating unique, meaningful experiences, Children’s Wish enhances quality of life for these courageous children and their families. The Garage Sale are proud to partner with Children’s Wish and excited to announce that on September 22, close to $60,000 was raised with the help of our partners and sponsors.



Auctioneer, Danny Hooper kicked off The Harvest Ridge live auction event with two very attractive lot items donated by our partners from August Luxury Motorcars and The Hotel Eldorado. August Luxury Motorcars is a premier retailer of pre-owned luxury and exotic vehicles. August Motorcars also recently launched August Exotic Car Tours and Rentals. This service is an incredible way to experience the Okanagan Valley behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle. In an exciting and unexpected twist, Gord Lindsay, a founding member of Area 27, threw up his hand and yelled “I would like to add something to that! A couple hours on the race track at Area 27 in Osoyoos”.


The Hotel Eldorado is a 52-bedroom boutique hotel situated on Okanagan Lake. The Eldorado has been part of BC’s destination hotel resort experience since 1926 and has always been a story of unique hospitality and a welcome that knows no borders. A friendly reminder that although auctioneer Danny Hooper did suggest that the two-cup coffeemaker and the iron board in the premium suites would make amazing Christmas gifts, these items are in fact NOT INCLUDED in the package.


Following the house auction, three wishes were put on the auction block and sold in less than sixty seconds. “We want to thank The Garage Sale and all the guests who participated in the charity auction,” said Jennifer, Provincial Director of The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada. “It’s heart-warming to know that Maura, Khol, and Caleb got their wishes granted today.”



Danny Hooper knew at an early age that his passion was in the entertainment world. In the decades since, he has parleyed his unique personality and off-beat sense of humour into an award-winning career and thousands of on-stage performances as a recording artist, motivational speaker, comedic emcee , and celebrity benefit auctioneer. Danny is regarded as Canada’s top-rated fundraising auctioneer, having raised countless millions for non-profit organizations throughout Canada and the USA.


One lucky event goer was the holder of the Golden Ticket. This ticket granted access to $1500 worth of Private Sky Aviation. No matter how small or grand the request, this premium travel service has an aircraft to fit your unique requirements. From vacations to the isolated Arctic Tundra or the sands of Arizona, to the executive commuter hopping the globe to their next meeting, Private Sky is ready to assist you.


The afternoon auction was a heart-warming demonstration of how the act of giving back can coexist alongside the business of selling luxury real estate. Stay tuned for more information on these amazing children and their upcoming adventures!